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  • Tammy & Bruce

  • We got to spend 3 days with Tammy & Bruce and got to know them very well. Since the reception was in December, Tammy decided to get her outdoor photos done beforehand, when the weather was more tolerable. For the first session, we spent part of a day at The Old Davis Tannery, getting amazing pho[...]
  • Suki & Duke

  •   There is nothing better then photographing a destination wedding. Suki & Duke Exchanged their vows as part of a cruise down to the Caribbeans. Wedding photography is a juggling act between a number of elements: the location, the weather, the lighting, the bride and groom, the mood o[...]
The Chens
  • The Chens

  • We had the opportunity to during Christmas (yes we said Christmas and not the other various forms like Xmas or The Festivus) to photography the Chen family. We believe Christmas is not about religion but more about a moment which we can share our love with our friends and family. So it[...]